Celebration of Religious Pluralism in Milwaukee

April 26, 1999

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On April 26, 1999, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article on the Celebration of Religious Pluralism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union, held on Sunday, April 25th, and sponsored by The Milwaukee Association for Interfaith Relations. About 150 people participated in small group discussions, a peace dance, and other activities. Rev. Martin E. Marty, a retired University of Chicago professor and director of the Public Religion Project, was the keynote speaker. Marty stated: "those of you who...

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Immigrant Religious Communities in Houston

April 17, 1999

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On April 17, 1999, The Houston Chronicle published an article on research being conducted by Helen Rose Ebaugh, a University of Houston sociologist, on immigrant religious communities in Houston under the formal name of The Religion, Ethnicity, New Immigrants Research. Ebaugh identified 793 immigrant congregations in Houston and developed in-depth case studies on 13 of the congregations. Ebaugh stated that, "aside from being a spirituality center, the church, the mosque, the temple or gurdwara becomes a home away from home....

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Kosovo Coverage

April 7, 1999

Source: Sacramento Bee

On April 7, 1999, the Sacramento Bee reported that local faith-based and secular groups are stepping up aid to the Kosovar refugees. Muslim, Christian, and Jewish groups in the area have provided a great deal of relief to the refugees. Jim Rodgers of the Catholic Charities of Sacramento expressed that giving money is more helpful than clothing or food because, "trying to transport goods is so much more expensive." Several organizations are collecting funds for Kosovo: the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims, the American Red...

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Kosovo Coverage

April 2, 1999

Source: Los Angeles Times

On April 2, 1999, the Los Angeles Times reported that Orange County religious groups are sending food, clothes, medical supplies, and prayers to the Kosovar refugees. Many of Orange County's Islamic centers are holding special prayer services for the refugees and conducting "dollar campaigns" to help raise the money necessary to ship the necessary items. Jihan Assaf, spokeswoman for the Islamic Society of Orange County, stated: "The purpose is to have a special prayer for all of the people in need there, as well as show support...

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Religious Faith and the Workplace

March 28, 1999

Source: The Boston Globe

On March 28, 1999, The Boston Globe published an article on the attention that businesses are now paying to spiritual values in the workplace. "Employers are responding, as more and more companies try to create humane, compassionate, and fulfilling work environments by tending to their employees' souls." Several recent conferences and books have addressed the issue of how spirituality can improve work culture. Ellen Hayakawa, president and CEO of the Centre for Spirituality and Sustainability in Vancouver, Canada, stated: "If work...

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Jewish and Christian Organizations Offer Help to Muslim Community of Minneapolis

March 20, 1999

Source: Star Tribune

On March 20, 1999, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis published an article on the many Jewish and Christian organizations who are offering assistance to the Muslim community of Minneapolis in the aftermath of a devastating fire that destroyed the Islamic Cultural Community Center. Donations for rebuilding, offers to share worship space, and aid in the clean-up of the mosque are some of the ways Jewish and Christian organizations have shown their support for the Islamic community in Minneapolis. There are plans to rebuild the mosque in the...

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Somalian Immigrants Find Help at YWCA Interfaith Hospitality Network in Ohio

February 19, 1999

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

On February 19, 1999, The Columbus Dispatch reported on the efforts of the YWCA Interfaith Hospitality Network in Columbus, OH to help Somalian immigrants get settled in the area. Since the 1991 civil war in Somalia, Somalis have been fleeing their homeland. The YWCA Network has helped 400 homeless Somalian families get settled in the Columbus area. The Network, with volunteers from the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Baha'i communities, provides beds, meals, facilities for bathing and laundering, tutoring, and games for...

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Interfaith Space

February 16, 1999


On February 16, 1999, USA Today published an article on the growing phenomenon of interfaith sharing in the United States. Reflecting on Brotherhood Week, which is a mid-February time to respect each other's religion, the journalist discusses several notable instances of interfaith sharing. In Edison, New Jersey, a YMCA and Jewish Community Center have connected their facilities so as to benefit the health facilities of the other. In Niles, Illinois, a YMCA teaches the symbols and holidays of both Christianity and Judaism in its pre-school...

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Muslim Leader Speaks in Indiana

February 12, 1999

Source: The Indianapolis Star

On February 12, 1999, The Indianapolis Star reported on a message delivered by Imam W. Deen Muhammad, son of Elijah Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam at Martin University in Indiana. Muhammad, speaking to an audience of Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, and Jews from across the Midwest, stated, "God originally created us to be one family, and before this world is finished, we have to become one community again." Muhammad also stated that the "fundamental feature of Islam is unity, peace, and charity. We must be that to each other...

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Mourning for the Death of Jordan's King Hussein

February 8, 1999

Source: Newsday

On February 8, 1999, Newsday published an article on the mourning of New York Jews and Muslims for the death of King Hussein. Aziz Chaudry, chairman of the Islamic Association of Long Island, stated that King Hussein "projected our faith and our religion and its values to the world in a very positive way. The peace, the harmony and the progress he represented - that is true Islam, that is the values we want to convey."

School District in Pennsylvania Conducts Survey of World Religious Instruction

January 31, 1999

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On January 31, 1999, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on a survey that is to be conducted by Ringgold School District in Washington County, PA. District officials will survey the high school's world culture teachers to determine how much instruction is provided in world religions. The results of the survey, which are set to be released on February 17th, may open up a history of religions course offering in the high school.

Papal Visit to St. Louis

January 27, 1999

Source: The New York Times

On January 27, 1999, The New York Times reported on the Pope's specific attention to Catholic-Jewish relations. With a rabbi reading scripture at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in St. Louis and a Polish-born Jew as an official guest, Catholic-Jewish relations have advanced a great deal over the course of John Paul's papacy. Rabbi A. James Rudin, the inter-religious affairs director of the American Jewish Committee, stated that, "it's a tangible sign, in the heart of America, that this Pope reaches out, especially to Jews, wherever...

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