At CBAAC, Olupona Canvasses Inter- Faith Dialogue as Panacea to Religious Crises

April 3, 2008

Author: Mcphilips Nwachukwu

Source: All Africa/Vanguard

In her continued effort to ensuring global understanding and appreciation of Black African arts, culture, history and civilization, Centre for Black African Arts and Civilization, CBAAC last week at the Banquet Hall of Excellence Hotels, Ogba, Ikeja held a very high profile lecture on the volatile subject of religion.

It came on the heel of...

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U.S. Muslims and Mormons Share Deepening Ties

April 2, 2008

Author: David Haldane

Source: The Los Angeles Times,1,2488142.story

The Mormon Church has to be among the most outgoing on earth; in recent years its leaders have reached out to, among others, Latinos, Koreans, Catholics and Jews.

One of the most enthusiastic responses, however, has come from what some might consider a surprising source: U.S. Muslims.

"We are...

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Jewish Leader Calls Hagee 'Extremist'

April 2, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: AP

The leader of the largest branch of American Judaism said Wednesday that synagogues in the movement shouldn't work with the Rev. John Hagee, a Christian Zionist, calling him an "extremist" on Israeli policy who disparages other faiths.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism, said Hagee...

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Prophetic Voices Celebration

March 31, 2008

Author: Nick Alpers

Source: The Philadelphia Jewish Voice

The Shalom Center in Mount Airy will host its Prophetic Voices celebration will Sunday April 6, 2008 at Congregation Mishkan Shalom, 1401Freeland Avenue, Roxborough.

This year three national religious leaders along with three local leaders are being honored. National honorees are Ruth Messinger, head of the Jewish World Service who built a multi-...

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Interfaith Event Fosters New Insights

March 31, 2008


Source: The Oakland Press

Beheejah Shakoor learned from a rabbi that the yarmulke is worn as a reminder of a higher power, something she said she also believes.

"You realize we have more in common than differences," Shakoor, a Muslim nurse from South Lyon, said. Shakoor was among about 100 women of various faiths who attended Sunday's "...

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Symposium Focuses on Women in Religion

March 31, 2008

Author: Henry L. Davis

Source: The Buffalo News

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Buffalo Chapter took on a monumental task Sunday, conducting an interfaith conversation on the role of women in religion.

It’s a potentially controversial subject that one might spend years studying — as well as arguing over — and still not entirely grasp.

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Immigration, Pluralism Bring New Faiths to Fox Valley

March 30, 2008

Source: Courier News,3_5_EL30_FAITH_S1.article

The building retains its classically American-Protestant design outside, right up to the steeple pointing heavenward. Inside, the pews have been removed to accommodate Eastern worshippers, and the former pulpit focal point has given way to a 6-foot-tall white marble statue of Sai Baba.

This is the Shirdi Sai Temple, a...

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Ithaca's Buddhist Monastery Unique in U.S.

March 29, 2008

Author: Parveen Talpur

Source: Star-Gazette/Gannett News Service

Tucked inside a turn-of-the-century Victorian house at 412 Aurora St. in Ithaca is a well-known Buddhist monastery that draws in students and visitors from all over North America.

"From the outside, you couldn't tell it is a temple because it is a house in a...

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Christians, Muslims Seek Common Ground

March 28, 2008


Source: The Enquirer

At first glance, Northern Kentucky doesn't appear religiously diverse, with most of the area's non-Christian residents attending worship at synagogues, Hindu temples, Buddhist adherents and other houses of worship on the Ohio side of the river.

But some Northern Kentucky residents want to make...

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Scholar Denounces Muslim Baptism

March 26, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: BBC News

A Muslim scholar involved in high-level dialogue with the Vatican has denounced the Pope's baptism on Saturday of a prominent Italian Muslim convert.

Aref Ali Nayed, the head of Jordan's Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, called the baptism of journalist Magdi Allam a deliberate and provocative act.

The Vatican has not yet commented, but its...

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Sikh Youth Give Peers Taste of Sikh Program

March 25, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: India Post

The California Sikh Council and SCOC hosted the fourth Annual Interfaith Youth Forum, held at the Sikh Center of Orange County (SCOC) on March 9. The event is organized by the Interfaith Council of Central Orange County. The event was an incredible experience, with over 100 high school and 40 adult attendees from many different faith backgrounds.

Shared Seder to Target HIV

March 25, 2008


Source: The Miami Herald

When asked to participate in an interfaith Passover service focusing on AIDS awareness, the Rev. Naomi King saw many links between the Jewish holiday's story of exodus from slavery in ancient Egypt and modern-day efforts to battle the disease.

She immediately said yes to participating in the annual Seder of Hope on Sunday at...

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