Guyana Celebrates Commonwealth Day

March 12, 2007

Source: Caribbean Net News

GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Guyana will join the 52 other Commonwealth nations around the world in celebrating Commonwealth Day 2007 on Monday March 12 under the theme selected by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, ‘Respecting Difference, Promoting Understanding’.

The first event planned on Commonwealth Day is an Interfaith Service at 10 am at the National Cultural Centre...

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Religion, Textbook Dispute Rekindled

March 8, 2007

Author: Laurel Rosenhall

Source: Sacramento Bee

A picture of the founder of the Sikh religion in a seventh-grade textbook has reignited what's become a common dilemma for California's education establishment: How much influence should contemporary religious groups have in crafting history lessons for the state's 6.3 million public school students?

The state Board of Education is scheduled to vote today on...

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Women Can Help Unite Us

March 8, 2007

Source: Lancashire Telegraph

WOMEN from every faith can lead the way in the fight to unite the communities of East Lancashire.

But women of different cultures should make an effort to learn English.

That was the message from religious and community leaders in Blackburn who gathered at Blackburn Cathedral to take part in a debate entitled "Women and Faith." The event was...

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Our Muslim Neighbors

March 8, 2007


Source: Belleville News-Democrat

You've never heard of prejudice based on first names? That's because your name isn't Mohammed.

After 9/11, Belleville psychotherapist Mohammed Kibria noticed people began treating him as "stupid" or "dangerous" or both. He faced intense security checks at airports and eventually was asked to leave his job at a mental-...

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Muslim, Christian and Jewish Students Travel to Turkey for Spring Break

March 7, 2007

Source: Newswise

Newswise — A diverse group of Syracuse University students from different faith traditions will spend their Spring Break in a unique way, by traveling to Turkey to study how Muslim, Christian and Jewish peoples have co-existed in the region throughout history and continue to today.

The group of 18 students will chronicle their experience through written journal entries, audio clips and photographs posted...

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"Learn About Other Faiths? Yes. Mandatory? NO!," a Commentary by Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

March 7, 2007

Author: Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

Source: The Washington Post

For many people, religion is not just another academic subject like literature or math.

Religion is also a system of belief, a faith. To the adherents of a particular faith, the tenets of their...

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A Civil Confrontation Greets Visiting Imams

March 7, 2007

Author: Charles A. Radin

Source: The Boston Globe

SHARON -- It was the critical moment in an unprecedented encounter between Muslim leaders from the Middle East and the religiously diverse residents of this small suburb south of Boston.

After the introductions, Fred Calm, a middle-aged man wearing...

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Cross Returns to Chapel -- But Not on the Altar

March 7, 2007

Author: Fredrick Kunkle

Source: The Washington Post

The College of William and Mary's president and board agreed yesterday to restore the altar cross to permanent display in historic Wren Chapel to quell a controversy that began with its removal in the fall.

Under a compromise recommended by a committee of students, alumni...

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A Pious Doctrine, but Untouchable

March 7, 2007

Author: Vasundhara Sanger

Source: The Times of India

MUMBAI: March 8 is here, and so is the euphoria associated with the International Women's Day. Amidst talks of the celebration of womanhood, an issue that has reached a stalemate in India is the implementation of a uniform civil code for its citizens.


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Fiji is Home to Living Religion: Mataca

March 7, 2007

Source: The Fiji Times

WHILE there is religious tolerance in Fiji, some church leaders condemn and look down on non-Christian religions, says the head of the Catholic Church Archbishop Petero Mataca.

He made the comment at the launch of Guidelines for Religious Tolerance pamphlet in Suva.

"I think there's religious tolerance in society but some leaders do not have that understanding," Archbishop Mataca said.

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