Dr. Eboo Patel

Dr. Eboo Patel is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), based in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Eboo Patel is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), based in Chicago, Illinois. He received his PhD from Oxford University. IFYC...

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Reverend Vern Barnet

Founder and Minister Emeritus, World's Faith Center for Religious Experience and Spirituality (CRES)

This profile was last update in 2012. 

It seems that the Rev. Vern Barnet has thought of everything. Barnet’s extensive website...

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Reverend Tom Duke

Founder and Convener, Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN)

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The Reverend Tom Duke seeks to “provide a visible center and point of contact” for...

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Skyler Oberst

Co-Founder, Compassionate Interfaith Society (CIS)

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Although he just turned 21, Skyler Oberst is well-known in the Inland and Pacific...

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Immigrant Religions in Germany (2005)



Europe has witnessed a tremendous diversification of its religious landscape in the last thirty years. Yet, Europe has never been as monolithically Christian as most historical overviews tend to tell us. Jews, Muslims in the Balkans and during Moor reign in Spain, adherents to various western esoteric traditions, and many more have been part of Europe’s multi-religious set-up.

Nevertheless, it certainly is right to state that the various Christian denominations and confessions exercised and continue to exert a dominant influence...

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City Profile: Twin Cities, MN

Religious Diversity

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, once defined by Protestant and largely northern European immigrants, are now embodying the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-religious America. While the legacy of nineteenth century immigration (mostly from Ireland, Germany, and Sweden) remains visible, recent decades have brought new waves of immigrants hailing from places as diverse as Laos, Somalia, and Burma. These men and women have brought with them Islam, Buddhism, indigenous traditions, and great ethnic...

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