Weston-Wayland Interfaith Action Group Upset by Anti-Muslim Flyer

December 16, 2004

Source: The Weston Town Crier


On December 16, 2004 The Weston Town Crier reported, "the Weston-Wayland Interfaith Action Group (WWIAG) [was] profoundly disturbed and saddened to learn from The Wayland Town Crier on Nov. 25 ("Police investigating anti-Islamic flier") that Wayland was recently subjected to untruthful, anonymous leafleting that slandered our Muslim friends and neighbors at the Islamic Center of Boston. Illegally inserted into residential post boxes, the unsigned letter also made false statements about the Wayland police, a municipal department that exists, in part, to protect all citizens, including those who may be victimized by injustice. Disseminated shortly before Thanksgiving, the letter spread misinformation, invaded personal privacy and generated unwarranted suspicion [of Muslim groups].

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