Sikhs Take Center Stage at InterFaith Concert in Washington

November 28, 2006

Source: Sikh Sangat News

Washington - More than 1,200 persons experienced the sacred songs, dances or chants from eight world religions at the Washington Hebrew Congregation in the Interfaith Conference's 27th Interfaith Concert recently. The sound of rhythmic and melodious spiritual music of Sikh Kirtani Jatha and many other faith traditions added to this celebration in the heart of America's capital. It was annual Inter faith Concert event, a multilingual and multi faith program. Musicians, singers and dancers from eight other historic faiths participated, including Baha'i, Buddhist, Hindu-Jain, Jewish, Islamic, Mormon, Roman Catholic, and Protestant.

The night's event began with opening prayer by a Sikh women, Dr. Balbinder Kaur, who recited the following, "O God, we, your children of diverse religions who call you by many names have gathered here this evening to sing songs of Your Glory. As we begin to witness this transformational moment, May we all sing with the choirs that surround us; Dance to the music in our souls. God keep our hearts attuned to laughter; God keep us from bitterness; God keep us always loving and believing.

O God! We want to thank You for Your messengers, Prophets and Gurus who have reminded us that When we Love the divinity Within all, we free ourself from the slavery of artificial distinction. To love each other in spite of differences and distinctions is practicing holiness. To Love is honoring the sacredness of every heart.

O God, Illumine those who lead this land that they may make at length the laws of right and guide the hands that wield the nations' strength.

O Almightly! Make us the ardent worker for the force of positivity and effectively taking responsibility not only for our own personal healing but for the healing of our planet.

She ended with the traditional Sikh prayer asking for the welfare of entire humanity, "May entire humanity prosper with thy Grace."