"Religions for Kerry": Democrats Seek Religious Voters

August 11, 2004

Source: Los Angeles Times


On August 11, 2004 the the Los Angeles Times reported that,"hoping to loosen President Bush's hold on voters who regularly attend church, Sen. John F. Kerry's campaign has launched what many observers say is the most ambitious Democratic effort in recent times to reach people of faith... The Kerry campaign — which has three staff members assigned as liaisons to various denominations — is aiming to create 'People of Faith for Kerry' groups in every state... Kerry's campaign has started a 'friend-to-friend' writing campaign among religious backers. And it is marketing bumper stickers, signs and T-shirts with messages such as 'Christians for Kerry' and 'Muslims for Kerry.' Last month, the campaign began running a Spanish-language television commercial emphasizing Kerry's Catholic faith. The efforts mark a departure from the party's approach to religion in recent years... But the effort is likely to prove difficult, and has hit some snags. For instance, a clash between liberal ideology and religion led to the recent resignation of the Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson, the Democratic National Committee's first director of religious outreach."