Rabbi Calls for Theology of Pluralism

May 14, 2004

Source: The Jewish Ledger


On May 14, 2004 The Jewish Ledger reported," Rabbi A. James Rudin continues to call on scholars and lay leaders to develop one or more theologies for religious pluralism in an attempt to save it from any attack. Rudin, former national interreligious affairs director for the American Jewish Committee (AJC), was in Connecticut on May 6-7, speaking before several Jewish and multi-faith groups and discussing the war on religious pluralism... During his visit to the Hartford Seminary on May 6, Rudin addressed the influence of religion on politics. 'This country nearing 300 million people is in fact going to be and is the model for the rest of the world to look at in terms of religious pluralism, or what I call politics and piety,' said Rudin, who has served as leader of many interreligious conferences both in the United States and overseas."