Ohio Pluralism Project Bridges Religious Communities

July 22, 2005

Source: Kent State Magazine


On July 22, 2005 Kent State Magazine reported, "The Ohio Pluralism Project began in 1998 when [Surinder] Bhardwaj [professor emeritus of geography at Kent State] and Odell-Scott [chair and professor of philosophy and coordinator of religion studies at Kent State] co-wrote a grant and received funding from the Pluralism Project at Harvard University to replicate the Harvard Pluralism Project on a smaller scale in Ohio... As an affiliate of the Harvard project, the intent of the Ohio Pluralism Project, according to Odell- Scott, is to map and monitor the development of religious communities in the state and offer opportunities for engagement between communities... Odell-Scott and Bhardwaj seem to have done a remarkable job of earning the trust of Northeast Ohio’s religious leaders. Each semester, students from Odell-Scott’s Comparative Religious Thought class and Bhardwaj’s Ohio Cultural Diversity Workshop visit multiple cultural and religious areas, including Islamic mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, Jewish synagogues and Sikh gurdwaras, as well as ethnic Christian churches."