For New Lunar Year Religious Leaders Highlight Handover Anniversary, Domestic Violence

February 14, 2007

Source: Indian Catholic

HONG KONG (UCAN) -- The Colloquium of Six Religious Leaders of Hong Kong has tempered joy over the 10th anniversary of the territory's return to China with concern about the rise in family violence. In a message for Lunar New Year, the six leaders note that local residents rejoice in the success of the "one-country, two-systems" principle that has applied since Hong Kong reverted from British to Chinese sovereignty in 1997.

The colloquium comprises Buddhist, Confucian, Catholic, Muslim, Protestant and Taoist leaders. They issued their annual message on Feb. 7 this year, ahead of the start of the new lunar year on Feb. 18.

The message says that a high degree of autonomy in the territory has offered residents "great opportunities and invites our diligent endeavors for concerted efforts to attain growth and development."

Nonetheless, matters of concern lie beneath the signs of prosperity, the leaders say, pointing to the increase in reported domestic violence, which they say reflects "the paucity" of the "teaching of morals and ethics" in the territory.