Mayor Urges Respect For Beliefs

May 4, 2007

Author: Kristopher Daams

Source: The Signal

People should worship in whatever religion they believe - so said Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha McLean at a local prayer breakfast hosted by a group of Christian businessmen.

McLean's comments at the event called for people to "believe in what we in our hearts want to believe."

She also urged support for American troops serving overseas, who are working "to keep the freedom we all enjoy to worship as we please."

The prayer breakfast's keynote speaker, Ralph Drollinger, is known for having asserted several years ago that women legislators who left small children at home were sinning.

McLean said her comments Thursday morning were not in response to Drollinger's past comments.

"It's just my belief," McLean said after speaking at a subsequent prayer event composed of multiple faiths. "It's not in response to anything."