Maine Religious Groups Collaborate to Embrace Religious Pluralism

November 15, 2003

Source: Portland Press Herald

On November 15, 2003 the Portland Press Herald reported that "two Maine religious groups are becoming neighbors so they can work more closely together on peace and social justice issues. Interfaith Maine is moving into the same Pleasant Avenue building as the Maine Council of Churches so the groups can do more collaborative projects. The groups already frequently work together, and even have some shared officers and board members. Their new status as neighbors reflects the changing nature of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, and has the two organizations looking toward an even more ambitious future of creating projects that put spirituality into practice... The Maine Council of Churches is a coalition of Christian denominations, while Interfaith Maine has members of many faiths, including Buddhists, Muslims and Pagans, as well as Christians and Jews... Maine and the rest of the nation are also facing a new religious pluralism as immigrants bring their own faiths and build religious communities here. Peck said his group wants to embrace that change, as well as increase interactions with religious communities in Maine that may have shied away from interfaith work in the past."