Judge Won't Toss Contempt Charge Against Dad Who Took Daughter to Mass

May 7, 2010

Author: Manya Brachear

Source: Chicago Breaking News


A Cook County judge has ruled that a father must stand trial for contempt after taking his daughter to Mass at a Roman Catholic church, defying a court order that barred him from exposing the 3-year-old to any "non-Jewish" religious activity. 

The injunction was imposed after Joseph Reyes sent photographs of his daughter's baptism to his estranged wife, who is raising the child Jewish. The couple was embroiled in a contentious divorc e proceeding at the time. 

Reyes responded to the order by asking television news crews to film him in December taking his daughter to Mass at Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago. Reyes, a student at John Marshall Law School, said he defied the order because it was unconstitutional.