Interfaith Panel Calls for Celebrating Diversity

October 24, 2008

Author: Dana Massing


A Christian, a Jew and a Muslim met Thursday night at an Erie congregation to talk about appreciating one another's religion in a diverse world.

"We have to help each other to understand that no matter what your faith is, that we have to honor each other," the Rev. Joanne Rowden said.

Rabbi John Bush pointed out that people are more alike than unalike.

"We have to respect the other people," Sheik Mazin Al-Sahlani said.

Rowden, Bush and Al-Sahlani were the speakers at an interfaith discussion titled "Living a Spiritual Journey in Our Diverse World." The event took place at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie and moderated by its pastor, the Rev. Steve Aschmann.

Their panel program was the public part of talks that have been going on between the local religious leaders for about a year, they said.

Thursday's event allowed the public to be part of the dialogue, contributing their comments and questions. Thirteen people turned out to participate.

"We really would love to see an interfaith dialoguing group established here in Erie," Rowden told them.

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