Interfaith Group to Rebuild Three Homes in Mississippi

March 17, 2006

Source: The News and Observer

On March 17, 2006 The News and Observer reported, "Steve and Nancy Dilger have always given generously to causes they believe in. But after Hurricane Katrina hit, they both thought money was not enough. They wanted to give of themselves. For Nancy, a homemaker, that was easier. She joined one of the support circles formed around families who relocated to Raleigh after the Aug. 29 hurricane destroyed their homes. Now Steve, a custom home builder, may be finding his niche. On March 27, he and 17 builders and workers, mostly from Raleigh, will drive to Gulfport, Miss., to build three homes in one week... [Steve] Dilger has dubbed the group the 'Raleigh Interfaith Builders Task Force.' As of this week, 65 volunteers have signed up. They include three real estate agents, two Christian ministers, a schoolteacher and a landscaper. The group includes mostly Baptists and Catholics -- the largest denominations in Wake County. But a handful of Muslims, a Buddhist and a Jew are also among them."