Humanistic Buddhism Conference Gets Underway

January 17, 2006

Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune

On January 17, 2006 the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported, "A major event in the Buddhist world quietly got under way Monday at the University of the West. The seventh International Conference on Humanistic Buddhism kicked off with a small gathering of some of the world's top Buddhist scholars, who will present papers during the weeklong conference. The University of the West... was founded in 1991 by Master Hsing Yun, who founded Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights [which is] the largest Buddhist temple in the Western hemisphere. The theme of this year's conference is Humanistic Buddhism and Sustainable Economic Development... During a series of seminars this week, scholars from Italy, Britain, South Asia and Southeastern Asia will present to the public and their peers treatises on global economic development from a Buddhist perspective. The papers submitted at the conference will be published in a journal widely read in the Buddhist world."