Government Official Calls for Interreligious Committees at State and Local Levels

May 27, 2004


On May 27, 2004 posted a This Day article that reported, "The Tor Tiv Dr. Alfred Akawe Torkula has called for the establishment of joint committees of Muslims and Christians at the State and Local government levels, even as the nation grapples with the pervasive problem of religious intolerance. Dr. Torkula spoke in Makurdi at an expanded State Security Council meeting, chaired by the State Deputy Governor Prince Ogiri Ajene. Torkula said given the deep seated nature of religious and Ethnic problems in the country, there was the need to put in place measures that would gradually build bridges of understanding between the various religions. The Tiv monarch therefore described the establishment of the joint committee as a viable option, explaining that the committees would provide avenue for regular interaction and reduce the risks of frequent friction."