Government Leaders Stress Importance of Interfaith Dialogue for Peace

April 28, 2004


On April 28, 2004 posted a Daily Trust (Abuja) article that reported, "Secretary General, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Dr. Lateef Adegbite and Kano State governor Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau have stressed the importance of dialogue in promoting peace and religious harmony. Speaking during separate interviews, both Adegbite and Shekarau who were at the State House to brief President Obasanjo on the forthcoming celebrations marking 50 years of the Muslims students society of Nigeria, said there could be no peace and harmony without justice. Dr. Adegbite identified two aspects of Nigerians problem. 'What we call the local or national aspect or the internal aspect. What you call intolerance or religious disharmony in the world is rooted in lack of justice, stressing that you cannot have peace without justice,' Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Secretary General however, said there had been tremendous improvement in the religious climate in Nigeria. 'There is less intolerance today, there is greater understanding among religious groups. Therefore, when you ask me how do we ensure there is continued tolerance I will say we must have proper understanding among the different religions. The Muslim must understand the Christian and the Christian must understand the Muslim,' he therefore advocated religious instruction in all institutions of learning in the country so as, to make adherents of both religions known each other and avoid mutual suspicious, adding that 'for what you do not know or understand, you fear.'"