Faiths Unite In South Florida to Help Haiti

January 31, 2010

Author: Jaweed Kaleem

Source: The Miami Herald

Like many who lost family during the earthquake in Haiti, Jude Pierre turned to his faith for solace and wanted to find a way to help.

On Saturday, Pierre, a Christian from Miramar, found himself among shouts of Arabic prayers as he packed boxes of canned goods in a Miami Gardens warehouse, affixing stickers to packages that read ``Muslim Americans Help Haiti.''

``I found out through a friend who sent me a link on Facebook,'' said Pierre, 21, who attended the Haiti volunteer day headed by local Muslim groups. `It was just another way to help.''

The earthquake has brought an outpouring of response from South Florida's religious community. While large-scale efforts among specific denominations have gotten much attention, many smaller faith groups have joined together for relief efforts. Leaders say faith commands them to help and when disaster hits, theological differences go out the door. Those working on relief include Scientologists, who flew a group from Miami to Port-au-Prince last week, and Mormons and Muslims, who have teamed to send supplies.