Buddhist Peace Fellowship Greets Pope Benedict XVI in Letter

May 2, 2005

Source: CommonDreams.org/Buddhist Peace Fellowship


On May 2, 2005 a Buddhist Peace Fellowship press release reported, "As Pope Benedict XVI begins his incumbency by building bridges to Christian, Jewish, and Islamic communities, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF) is taking the initiative to extend sincere and respectful greeting in the form of a letter -- remarkable not only for what it says but for it doesn't say, and thus a marvelous example of the Buddhist practice of deep listening and loving speech. The letter -- signed by BPF International Advisory Council members including Zoketsu Norman Fischer Roshi, Sylvia Boorstein, and Ven. Pomnyun Sunim of Korea -- speaks to common cause with the Vatican in human liberation from suffering, and specifically in working together on nonviolent conflict resolution, opposing war, and ending the death penalty, and poverty. BPF works in coalition with the Catholic Peace Fellowship, for example, and other Christian organizations to end the death penalty."