Buddhist Film Festival to Promote Inter-Faith Values

May 16, 2007

Author: Trevor Barron

Source: Religious Intelligence


INTER-FAITH dialogue, peace, harmony and prosperity are the key themes behind the International Buddhist Film Festival (IBFF), opening in Singapore tomorrow.

Alongside the range of films on show, from six countries, will be episodes of The Simpsons, all intended to promote “reflection, dialogue and harmony.”

Although other Buddhist film festivals have been held in the USA and Holland, this is the first one to take place in Asia, but it will not be handing out any awards.

The executive director of the IBFF, commented: "Many of the film-makers aren't Buddhists. They are artists exploring issues and ideas that are in alignment with many of the wisdom traditions that value compassion. These films can change the way people see the world."

Hollywood figures such as Richard Gere (pictured) and Philip Glass are lending their support through the Buddhist Film Society in California.