American Jewish Committee Announces Interfaith Document on Faith-Based Initiatives

February 28, 2001

Source: The Boston Globe

On February 28, 2001, The Boston Globe reported that "Jewish groups are expressing strong reservations about President Bush's plan to give ministries more access to federal funds for social services, and they are warning the White House that their support depends on its fortifying the wall between church and state... Yesterday, a broad-based group of religious and civic organizations issued "In Good Faith," a report that endorsed expanding government support for social ministries as long as none of the federal funds went to religious activities and clients had the right to a secular alternative. The group, which was supported by the Pew Charitable Trust, took three years to reach that consensus. It could not agree on the charitable choice provision." Some Jews "already feel like outsiders" in the United States, and they worry that federal funding could "encourage Southern Baptists, for example, in their stated mission to convert Jews to Christianity. "