Temple B’nai Moshe

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 17 July 2014.

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Building A Dialogue

December 5, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Boston Phoenix

In the November 21 edition of the Phoenix, reporter David S. Bernstein makes a number of assertions about the Muslim American Society of Boston (MAS Boston) and the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury, claiming they are indifferent to the welfare and pluralism of Roxbury, and Boston in general. (See “Menino...

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Menino's Mosque

November 24, 2008

Author: David S. Bernstein

Source: The Boston Phoenix

Most locals concede that getting anything of substance accomplished in Boston is a Herculean task. Residents have all but embraced the principle of civic inaction with a perverse kind of local pride. In the end, who you know is probably more important than what you are trying to do. And there is no doubt that little is accomplished without...

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Hub Gallery to Show Haitian Voodoo Flags

October 16, 2008

Author: Daniela Caride

Source: The Bay State Banner

Mermaids and Catholic saints. Pyramids, hearts and ceremonial candles. Not exactly the dark, frightening, black-magic-worshipping imagery one might conjure up when thinking of Voodoo (spelled “Vodou” or “Voudou” in other parts of the world).

But these dazzling images — combining a variety of spiritual and...

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Making Peace, and Prayers: Mosque Opens its Doors as Controversy Fades

September 15, 2008

Author: Michael Paulson

Source: The Boston Globe

Sixteen years after 2 acres near Roxbury Crossing were designated for use as a mosque, the area's growing Muslim community has quietly begun using the building for regular worship.

Every night since the start of Ramadan this month, hundreds of Muslims have been...

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Life, Death, And a 'Reservoir Of Hope'

June 25, 2008

Author: Jonathan Beasley

Source: Harvard Divinity School News and Events

In early May, an enthusiastic HDS staff member walked into offices in Divinity Hall to let people know about a community altar that was being constructed on the building's third floor. Those of us who could spare a moment were invited for an informal viewing. This altar was, apparently, unique...

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Boston Police and Sikh American Community Achieve Landmark Partnership

December 11, 2007

Source: SALDEF

Washington, D.C. - December 11, 2007: The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF), the nation’s oldest and largest Sikh American civil rights organization, concluded a highly successful year-long campaign to train the entire Boston Police Department (BPD) on Sikh religious practices. The over 3,000 BPD officers join the 95,000 trained by SALDEF across the nation.

Muslims Celebrate Mosque Opening

October 1, 2007


Source: The Crimson

A delegation of students from the Harvard Islamic Society (HIS) joined more than 2,000 congregants in Roxbury, Mass., on Friday night to attend the first-ever prayer session at the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) Cultural Center, which finally opened its doors after two decades of controversy and delays.

“I feel very...

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