Young Israel of Brookline

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 25 July 2018.

Phone: 617-734-0276
History The congregation was founded in 1953 and services were originally held in small house on Fuller Street.  The congregation grew rapidly and in 1964 the members moved to a larger space on Green Street. After an electrical fire destroyed the synagogue building on January 11, 1994, the community continued to thrive as their services and programs were held in a temporary facility. The striking new synagogue building, designed by the world-renowned architect Graham Gund, was dedicated on November 19, 1996 by the Young Israel community. The new facility includes a main sanctuary that seats 525 congregants, Beit Midrash and Judaica library, classrooms, offices, kosher catering facilities, and a banquet hall, bridal room, and keilim mikveh. Description The Young Israel of Brookline is one of the largest Orthodox congregations in New England. It is located at 62 Green Street in Brookline, an area close to hospitals and universities. The congregation is composed of children, students, families, and many highly trained individuas. The building is large and stone, with high windows that accentuate natural light. The sanctuary has two levels for seating. The floor is light red while the seating and the Ark are made of a light wood. From the high ceilings hang massive chandeliers. The lights combined with the long, massive windows ensures that the sanctuary is always well lit. Activities and Schedule In addition to the regular services, the synagogue offers a summer Kollel program for advanced Talmud study, Shabbatonim, Oneg Shabbat, Community Forum discussions and a variety of adult education classes. There are also programs for all age groups, including youth, adults, and seniors, and an active group for singles. The synagogue provides many services for its members in need as well. For those who are sick there are home bound and hospital visits, families with newborns are provided a week of food and childcare advice, and for members who have passed there is a week of Shiva. They also allow individuals who are not members to attend their weekly Shabbat granted they fill out a form beforehand. Leadership Since 2014, Rabbi David Hellman has served and continues to serve the community. Prior to 2014, Rabbi Gershon C. Gewirtz, Ed.D., now Rabbi Emeritus, served the community for over 30 years.