Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 10 August 2006.

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VisionTV is the only multifaith and multicultural cable television broadcaster in the world. It is owned by a charitable organization and works to present “inspirational, insightful and original programming that celebrates diversity and promotes understanding among people of different faiths and cultures.”(1) The programming is funded by “cable fees, viewer donations, advertising revenues and the sale of airtime.”(2) VisionTV is accessible in 7.8 million homes across Canada and has 1.6 million viewers every week.(3) More recently, it has been working to extend its reach by establishing VisionTV International, which is to be “a joint venture company committed to developing, producing and distributing original programming for sale in the global marketplace.”(4)


VisionTV has everything from drama to British comedy and documentaries. Its newsletter keeps audiences informed as to what programs are up and coming.
Programming is divided into two streams, Mosaic and Cornerstone. The Mosaic bloc includes shows by various faith groups representing Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. Each year, more than seventy religious groups purchase airtime from Vision TV.(5) Some of its current religious programs include Reflections on Islam, and Gaunda Punjab, a Sikh religious show. What makes Cornerstone programs different is that they are aired mainly during peak hours and “focus on ‘spirituality’ in its broadest possible context.”(6) For example, this stream contains family dramas, feature films and shows regarding social concerns and interests.


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