Vien Giac Temple

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 804-553-1175
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Vien Giac is the result of a schism within the Richmond Buddhist Association. Thich Tue Chieu served that organization for a year and a half, but over time many became dissatisfied with his approach to Buddhism, which emphasizes astrology, esotericism, and magic. He left at the beginning of 2003 to found Vien Giac, taking some loyal members with him.

Activities and Schedule

The temple has regular services on Sunday mornings, followed by lunch. Like most Southeast Asian Buddhist temples, members can come by at any time to worship privately or speak with the head monk. Thich Tue Chieu performs an evening chanting service every day. He is also called upon by laypeople to visit their homes and conduct services.


Vien Giac is a Vietnamese temple serving the Vietnamese-American population in and around Richmond. As the temple is new and resulted from breaking away from its parent temple, the number of members is not presently known.


Vien Giac is a small brick building located on a long, narrow strech of grassy land. To one side is an apartment complex, while on the other is a school.
Inside, a long hallway cuts the house in half, and leads to the main shrine room. Rooms off of the hall provide living quarters for the monk, another shrine room, and guest rooms. There is also a kitchen.