Temple Israel of Sharon

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 25 September 2018.

Phone: 781-784-3986
Email: bmaron@tisharon.org
Website: http://www.tisharon.org/
History In the 1920s Jewish families gathered at a small temple on Harding Street. After a while, the individuals who lived farther away started a group that met in a small, white building. This was where Temple Israel began. The land where the temple is located was originally purchased in 1937, but not until 1949 did construction of the temple begin. The original building included a sanctuary, a meeting room, and the rabbi's office. In 1954 they started building a Hebrew School. In 1960 another addition was made that connected the Hebrew School with the original temple. Description The temple is located at 125 Pond Street, Sharon MA. It is a large, brown building composed of a sanctuary, classrooms, Founders Hall, Social Hall, relgious school, Rabbis, Study and Cantor Study. Activities and Schedule Temple Israel offers a variety of services for members of every age group. Preschoolers can enroll in Erna & Julius Hertz Nursey School and the religious school is open to children in grades K-12. Children can also participate in the greater United Synagogue Youth movement so that kids can socialize and grow up in a Jewish context. There are also sponsored family events with the weekly Shabbat segices, morining and evening minyan, and personal life-cycle events. Further, Temple Israel had the Hessed caring community which provides a number of helpful services for their sick or bereaved members.