Muslim Women File Religious Discrimination Suit

March 3, 1999

Source: The Washington Post

On March 3, 1999, The Washington Post published an article on the religious discrimination complaint filed by five Muslim women with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Muslim women contend that they were fired from a Dulles International Airport security firm for refusing to remove their Islamic head scarves. The suit, which names Argenbright Security Inc. and United Airlines as respondents, alleges a civil rights violation based on federal law that requires employers to accommodate religious practices on the job....

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First American Woman Becomes "Roshi"

October 23, 1998

Source: Chicago Tribune

On October 23, 1998, the Chicago Tribune published an article concerning the official transmission of Sherry Chayat as "roshi" in the Rinzai Zen sect of Buddhism at a special ceremony at the Syracuse Zen Center on October 18th, 1998. Sherry Chayat is an adjunct art instructor at Syracuse University, an affiliate Buddhist chaplain at the university, and the abbot at the Syracuse Zen Center. Her transmission as roshi, a "venerable teacher" who is able to pass down the teachings of Rinzai Zen, marks the first time an American woman...

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Conservative Judaism Issues New Manual Responsive to Women's Issues

October 21, 1998

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

On October 21, 1998, The Chicago Sun-Times issued an article concerning the new "Rabbi's Manual", which is published for 750 Conservative synagogues in North America and 200 other synagogues worldwide. The new Manual, an updating of the 1965 edition, establishes a "grieving ritual" for couples after abortions and includes gender-neutral language. Rabbi Reuven Frankel of B'nai Tikvah Synagogue in Deerfield, Illinois, approves of the changes: "It's a very necessary updating....Necessity is sometimes determined by new perceived...

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