Kern County Celebrates First Sikh Day, Parade Follows

November 20, 2006

Source: KGET TV 17/NBC

The Sikh community celebrated one of the religion’s most important days of the year.

About 5,000 people packed the Rabobank Convention Center over the weekend to pray and celebrate prior to an elaborate parade through downtown Bakersfield.

The Kern County Sikh community celebrated Guru Nanak’s...

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9/11 Prisoner Abuse Suit could be Landmark

November 20, 2006

Author: Richard A. Serrano

Source: Los Angeles Times,0,4583237.story

NEW YORK -- Five years after Muslim immigrants were abused in a federal jail here, the guards who beat them and the Washington policymakers who decided to hold them for months without charges are being called to account.

Some 1,200 Middle Eastern men were arrested on suspicion of...

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Muslim Group Deflates Stereotypes

November 20, 2006

Author: Eleni Economides

Source: Inside Bay Area

SAN JOSE -- Maha ElGenaidi wants to put a human face on Islam.

"Muslims that are -- guess what? -- exactly like you," says ElGenaidi, president and CEO of Islamic Networks Group.

Since 1993, the group has worked to educate members of the community, law enforcement agents, corporations and health-care providers about Islam. Using presentations of varying...

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Reaching Out to Keep the Faith in Humanity

November 20, 2006


Source: The Herald

DURING his 30 years in the police, Chief Inspector Tom Harrigan liked the title of community relations officer - certainly more than race relations officer. After all, he says: "We're all one race."

As a young officer in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, he was called in by his superior one day and accused of being a "grey man". It spurred him on to raise...

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Auction Raises Money for Muslim Domestic Violence Victims

November 19, 2006

Source: News 8 Austin

An art auction on Saturday helped some Central Texas women picture a better life. A nonprofit that primarily serves the Muslim community hosted the art and silent auction to benefit victims of domestic abuse.

Central Texas Muslimaat says domestic violence plagues all races and ethnic groups, but may be especially difficult for Muslim women to come forward and seek...

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French Turban Campaign Continues as More Sikh Students Face Expulsion

November 19, 2006

Author: Meerat Kaur

Source: SikhSangat News/Sikh Global News

Jasmeet Singh, one of four French-Sikh schoolboys excluded from school in September for refusing to remove their Turbans, will face a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday 21st November. He will be represented by Kudrat Singh, Director of UNITED SIKHS-France and a representative of the French Turban Action Committee will also attend the hearing...

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Faiths to Reflect, Give Thanks Together

November 19, 2006

Author: David Crumm

Source: Detroit Free Press

In the midst of World War II, in the heart of a gritty Pennsylvania mining town, an Italian immigrant woman loved to practice her English as she scrubbed pots and pans.

Every night, her children listened for her voice to rise above the clatter in the cast-iron sink, filling every corner of the little...

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Muslim Women to Form Rights Council

November 17, 2006

Author: Rachel Zoll

Source: The News and Observer

Wire Service: AP

NEW YORK (AP) - Muslim women from the United States and around the world are meeting this weekend on forming the first international Islamic advisory council for women. The American Society for Muslim Advancement, the lead organizer of the event, said the goal of...

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Jailing of Clerics Angers Muslims

November 17, 2006

Author: Michael Levenson

Source: The Boston Globe

SHARON - Muslim leaders in the Boston area expressed outrage yesterday over the arrest and jailing of two senior clerics in an alleged scheme that provided religious-worker visas to immigrants who used them for secular jobs .

Federal immigration agents on Wednesday...

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Left Justified: Diverse Rockford

November 17, 2006

Author: Stanley Campbell

Source: Rock River Times

Rockford is as diverse a town as you’re going to find here in the Midwest -- almost 20 percent African-American, 10 percent Hispanic and 5 percent other. You’d think there’d be more interaction among people, but there isn’t. Too bad, for a strong community is one that knows its neighbors, and...

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ACLU Elects First Arab-American

November 16, 2006

Author: Mohamed Elshinnawi

Source: Voice Of America News

An activist with an Arab-American civil rights group has become the first Arab-American ever elected to the governing board of the American Civil Liberties Union, one of the nation's leading civil rights watchdogs. The move by the non-profit ACLU underscores the widespread concern about Arab-American civil rights in...

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Salam Al-Marayati 'Takes Five:' Working to Debunk Myths about Muslim Americans

November 16, 2006

Source: Journal Sentinel

Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council, will talk on "Overcoming Exclusion and Bigotry in America" in a free lecture at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, 4707 S. 13th St. The council, with an office in Washington, D.C., lobbies for American Muslims' civil rights and has other activities. It denounced the Taliban in Afghanistan and...

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Iftar and American Islam

November 16, 2006

Author: Matthew Weiner

Source: Martin Marty Center

Iftar (the breaking of daily fasts during the Islamic month of Ramadan) in interfaith settings is an increasingly widespread phenomenon. This year there were dozens of interfaith Iftar celebrations throughout New York City, where I live, and perhaps hundreds nation wide. Inviting non-Muslims to break fast has become a...

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Wiccan controversy stimulates healthy debate

November 16, 2006

Source: Nevada Appeal

By most accounts, the public appears to be sympathetic with the widows of two combat veterans who are trying to convince the government to allow Wiccan symbols on their husbands' military headstones.

We join those who believe Roberta Stewart of Fernley is correct in her belief that the Wiccan faith is as deserving of federal recognition as any other faith. Indeed,...

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