Spiraling Shadows

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 27 October 2005.

Contact Information

Email: ikit@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.gypsyroses.org/SS.html


In 1997-1998, Shannon, a resident of New Hampshire, began to research other Pagan communities in the area. After meeting with one Pagan group, she decided to start Spiraling Shadows. In September of 1998, they held their first small gathering: she and two other women. Over the years, Spiraling Shadows has met in Shannon's home, first in Manchester and now in Farmington. They have grown tremendously in size and also have a few small branches in Somerville, MA and in Jaffrey, NH. Both of these groups are run by close friends.


The members of Spiraling Shadows are people with open minds, open hearts and respect for other religions. Their goal is to establish a community where people of all faiths can meet and learn more about each other's spiritual paths. Spiraling Shadows would also like to provide a place where solitary Pagan practitioners can meet other people with common interests.

Building and Space

The majority of gatherings take place in Shannon's home in Farmington, NH.

Activities and Schedule

Spiraling Shadows celebrate the Sabbats that most Pagans honor. The majority of their gatherings are on the Saturday before the full moon at 3 p.m. During these meetings, they usually have a potluck dinner and an on-topic activity about spirituality. They also have meditations, visualizations, and workshops on various systems during this time. Every other month they have a "kid friendly" gathering where members are encouraged to bring their children. For more information about activities and scheduling, please visit their website (http://users.drak.net/Gypsy/SS.html).


Spiraling Shadows attracts members from surrounding New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts towns. The majority of the community is between the age of 26-35 with some younger and older members. Most members were raised with Christian, Baha'i or Jewish beliefs and some still subscribe to their original beliefs as well as Pagan.