Sosyete du Marche, Inc.

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 23 March 2013.

Phone: 267-735-1007

History: Manbo Vye Zo has practiced Vodou since 1987 with Manbo Shakmah Winddrum, founder of the The New SEED Sanctuary in Philadelphia, PA.  She was initiated as a Manbo Asogwe by Houngan Fritzner Georges in Jacmel, Haiti in 2003. She continues his lineage in the United States. Furthering her education, she continues to work with Bon Houngan Lazireau Lerine of LaFond, Haiti.

Activities and Schedule: The Sosyete offers training, education and initiation into Haitian Vodou. Their training program, the Four Circles is now in its 6th year of education. The sosyete has an extensive website for the public, and intranet for the membership and a library of over 4000 titles on Vodou, Afro-Caribbean religions, and theology for the membership. The sosyete holds bi-monthly seminars and fets (second and fourth Saturdays) at their temple in Norristown. Mornings are dedicated to training, classes and invited guest speakers on topics pertinent to Haitian Vodou. A communal dinner is held, so members can chat, meet with new students and interact with the teachers. The evening fet is predicated upon the liturgical calendar of Vodou.  Fets follow Haitian Reglemen for liturgical order, prayers, songs and invocations. The Sosyete provides an annual book of common prayers, songs and invocations to its membership. There are also many CDs recorded by Manbo that feature the full liturgical corpus of the Sosyete. These are made available to the membership, so that they may learn the liturgy in Haitian Creole and feel more comfortable in their practice.