Shamans of the Willow Moon

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 30 October 2006.

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Update: Shamans of the Willow Moon has relocated from Charlotte, NC to Denver, NC. They are no longer affiliated with WARD or WARD NC as the organization is no longer in existence. It was absorbed by another organization, AREN. Though they are no longer located in Charlotte, Shamans of the Willow Moon currently sponsors the annual Charlotte Metro Pagan Pride Day each September. The last event was held in September 2003 in Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC where they have over 881 people in attendance. The next Charlotte Metro Pagan Pride Day is scheduled for September 25, 2004.


Shannon Walker established this coven for people so they could go with their own pace. It was established for people to grow. There are five elders who vote on everything. They seek new members once a year. They have had problems at schools and in jobs. Carla's son has been misunderstood in school. He has been in trouble for things like wearing black nail polish. Shannon said that several of the girls in the coven have been fired from large corporate jobs because it got out that they were witches.


All of the members of the coven have Celtic or Native American backgrounds. It is a family-oriented coven. Their members range in age from twenty to forty-two. The majority are women.


Some ceremonies are held at the high priestess' house. It is a house set off the road and surrounded by trees. It gave a sense of seclusion and a very personal feeling. In the ceremony which we attended, in the middle of the circle there was a table (altar) where there was placed personal items of the circle members and ceremonial items.

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