Saints Peter and Paul Antiochian Church

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 3 June 2004.

Phone: 785-354-7718


The congregation originated from a nondenominational group of Christians who were studying church history and the history of liturgy. They began incorporating historic liturgies into their worship. Eventually, they felt the need to affiliate with a traditional Christian body. Some became Roman Catholic, and seventeen members of the group became Orthodox. They were brought into the Orthodox faith at St. George's Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas, and later were able to establish the present congregation in Topeka.


The church is a small brick building, originally built to be used as a church. Outdoor signs display the name of the church, a depiction of Saints Peter and Paul, a calendar of activities, the name of the minister, and contact information. A large stained glass window graces the front of the church. Candles and incense are used for all services, and wooden icons throughout the sanctuary are used for worship during services. Fifty to seventy-five people worship there.

General Information

The church believes that the foundation for Christian living is found in the practice of the three activities mentioned by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Members of the congregation are encouraged to read religious material, including A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain by Metropolitan Hierotheos and Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom. Visitors to the church should dress conservatively and call in advance to make sure that the service will take place at the expected time.

Activities and Schedule

The congregation meets almost daily with scheduled events that change from week to week. There are always Saturday vespers services, discussion groups and Bible study, Sunday Orthros and Divine Liturgy, the daily cycle of services, and special feast day liturgies. For details, please see the website.


The ethnic composition of the church is mainly Caucasian, but many different groups and nationalities are represented. All ethnicities and nationalities are welcome and find unity in their desire to find God and to live for Him and by Him. Services are in English. All age groups are welcome.