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Asian Americans Concerned about Becoming Targets of Hostility

April 23, 2003

Source: Pacific News Service


On April 23, 2003 the Pacific News Service reported that "when 50 leading Asian American and Pacific Island civil rights organizations met recently in Washington, D.C., SARS was only one of many dangers they see threatening their communities. Other recent events -- an alleged Chinese American spy, the North...

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Editorial: Sunni Chaplains for Shia Muslims in Prison

April 22, 2003

Source: The Weekly Standard

On April 22, 2003 The Weekly Standard printed an editorial by Terry Eastland questioning "why... has New York state, in treating the religious activities of Muslim inmates within its prisons, favored one Islamic sect over another--namely, Sunni Islam over Shia Islam?" He stated, "that question is at the heart of a lawsuit filed against the state by four Shia Muslim prisoners at Fishkill Correctional Facility. The lawsuit challenges current policy under which the New York State Department of Correctional Services accommodates, as...

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Californian Laotian Buddhists Celebrate New Years

April 21, 2003

Source: Visalia Times-Delta


On April 21, 2003 the Visalia Times-Delta reported that "to remember and celebrate Lao culture, hundreds of Laotians from throughout the [CA] state, including Khounpaseuth, made their way to the Lao Buddhist Temple in Visalia Saturday to celebrate the Lao New Year... The New Year is considered the most important annual celebration for the Lao...

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Nomination of Daniel Pipes Alarms Muslim Groups

April 21, 2003

Source: CAIR

On April 21, 2003 CAIR reported that "during an interview broadcast on the national 'Democracy Now' radio program, pro-Israel commentator Daniel Pipes outlined why he advocates the profiling by law enforcement and security personnel of Muslims and Arab-Americans. When program host Amy Goodman asked whether Pipes' support for profiling extended to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, he said: 'It's not a subject I know enough about to talk about...' In that same radio interview, Pipes also said razing Palestinian...

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Minnesota's Northfield Buddhist Meditation

April 20, 2003

Source: Star Tribune

On April 20, 2003 the Star Tribune reported on "the Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center -- a plain, handsome room above a jewelry store on the main street in town... There, about two dozen people gather every Sunday to meditate, to reflect on the direction of their life, to focus on injustice in the world and to be silent, peaceful. They sit or kneel on black cushions in a stark white room... Two private colleges in this town of 17,000 people, about 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities...

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Religion in the Workplace

April 17, 2003

Source: Salon.com


On April 17, 2003 Salon.com reported that "religious intolerance in the workplace is threatening to create massive rifts between workers in factories and offices across America. According to the EEOC, worker complaints of religious discrimination jumped 85 percent in the last decade. In 2002, complaints grew 21 percent compared to the year before....

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Mapping the Religious Pluralism in Rochester, NY

April 16, 2003

Source: Democrat and Chronicle


On April 16, 2003 the Democrat and Chronicle reported that "sprinkled among Rochester’s [NY] numerous Christian churches and Jewish synagogues are signs of Rochester’s growing religious diversity -- Tibetan, Laotian and Vietnamese Buddhist temples, a Sikh Gurdwara and a handful of botanicas, or shops, catering to, among others, followers of voodoo and...

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An interview with Warren Nord Regarding Rod Paige's Comments

April 16, 2003

Source: News Observer


On April 16, 2003 the News Observer printed an interview with Warren A. Nord, director of the humanities program at UNC-Chapel Hill, relative to U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige's recent remarks. Nord stated, "it's extremely important to get into a discussion of Christian values. But people are worried that Christian values will be taught in a privileged way. Many of the values...

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Miami Police Learn about Santeria

April 16, 2003

Source: The Miami Herald


On April 16, 2003 The Miami Herald reported that "when Miami-Dade County police were called to a home in South Miami-Dade, they found people slicing up chunks of goat meat and plucking feathers from chickens. Blood spattered the feet of some of those in the house... 'You're killers! You're all going to jail!' one officer yelled as the elderly residents began to panic... The...

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Second Annual Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade

April 13, 2003

Source: The Argus

On April 13, 2003 The Argus reported that "even though this is only its second year, today's Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade will have an old soul... The theme is 'Ancient Voices,' honoring nature-based traditions throughout history that have 'revered the Earth as a church itself, the divinity within and around,' said parade organizer Micha Dunston... 'In Interfaith dialogue, the word pagan represents people who follow indigenous, tribal, polytheistic, nature-based and Earth-based beliefs,' Dunston...

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Atheist Granted Right to Pray in Salt Lake City Council Meetings

April 13, 2003

Source: The New York Times

On April 13, 2003 The New York Times reported that "the Utah Supreme Court has granted an atheist the right to pray in City Council meetings... The court ruled on Friday that if officials in Murray, a Salt Lake City suburb, wanted to pray during government-sponsored events, the opportunity must be accessible to all who ask."

Bright Dawn Home: Buddhist Retreat Center

April 11, 2003

Source: The Sheboygan Press


On April 11, 2003 The Sheboygan Press reported that "Bright Dawn Home, a new Buddhist retreat center near Plymouth, [Wisconsin] is opening its doors to the community with an activity-filled open house Saturday, April 26... The center is the realization of a dream for Chicago resident Richard Brandon. Raised Christian but later becoming Unitarian, he was...

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Arab-Americans Concerned about Security

April 10, 2003

Source: The Christian Science Monitor


On April 10, 2003 The Christian Science Monitor reported that "when Larme Price confessed to the [three murders] more than a week ago, he said his aim was to kill Middle Easterners, in retribution for Sept. 11... In fact, only one of the four victims was from the Middle East. But it's the intent, say concerned residents, that counts... Across the country, the past few weeks have...

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First Unitarian Universalist Church in Louisiana

April 10, 2003

Source: The Times-Picayune

On April 10, 2003 The Times-Picayune reported that "members of First Unitarian Universalist Church are celebrating their congregation's 170th year in New Orleans as a small bastion of spiritual liberalism embedded in conservative New Orleans... Continuing a recent tradition, members of the congregation of 100 or so ended a regular Sunday service March 23 by laying a wreath on the grave of the Rev. Theodore Clapp, a robust, colorful figure who in 1833 founded what would become First Unitarian Universalist after being expelled as a...

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