Jain Society of Greater Detroit

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 28 September 2018.

Phone: 248-851-5246
Email: president@jsgd.org
Website: http://www.jsgd.org/
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Research conducted by The University of Michigan-Dearborn Pluralism Project.


The first Jain center in metropolitan Detroit was established in 1975, gathering in different members homes in suburban Taylor to celebrate the...
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Growing Religious Diversity in Bible Belt

July 28, 2001

Source: Messenger-Inquirer


On July 28, 2001, the Messenger-Inquirer reported on the growing religious diversity in the Bible Belt. "About 200 Jains and about as many Sikhs live in west-central Kentucky and Tennessee now... Bowling Green has 2,000 actively practicing Muslims, mostly Bosnian immigrants... Nashville has about 24,000 Hispanics, compared to 2,700 a decade ago." Thomas Russell and...

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Jains Make Unprecedented Visit to the House of Representatives

July 4, 2001

Source: Jain Digest

In its summer 2001 issue, Jain Digest reported that "Jains of North America made history on May 22, 2001 [when they]...received the unprecedented recognition and honor of delivering a prayer in the US House of Representatives" in celebration of the 2600th birthday of Lord Mahavir, the last of the revered Jinas who spread the Jain message. "After the prayer, congressman Frank Pallone, Jr....paid tribute to the Jain philosophy of non-violence."