Bulgarian Muslims Wonder What EU Entry Holds

December 26, 2006

Author: Tsvetelia Ilieva

Source: The Washington Post

SMOLYAN, Bulgaria (Reuters) - Like most Bulgarians, Salikh Kutsov hopes joining the European Union will bring prosperity to his town. But the Muslim carpenter wonders if his future wife would be happy wearing a headscarf in the EU.

The 27-year-old carpenter has been told...

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Indonesian Police Guarding Churches

December 24, 2006

Author: Ali Kotarumalos

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Wire Service: AP

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Tens of thousands of police deployed at churches across Indonesia Sunday amid warnings by Western nations that Islamic militants may be plotting Christmas bombings.

Indonesian officials downplayed the alerts, which have become something of a tradition...

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Police Protect 'Severed Heads' Mozart Opera

December 19, 2006

Source: The Sunday News

Wire Service: Reuters,23739,20951056-401,00.html#

Patrons of Berlin's Deutsche Oper were greeted by metal detectors, police and the media at an opera previously cancelled over fears Muslims might be offended by a scene featuring Prophet Mohammad's severed head.

Authorities had warned that the scene in Mozart's Idomeneo, which also includes the...

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Japanese, Muslims Recall Racism

December 18, 2006

Author: Michael Manekin

Source: Tri Valley Herald

When the Imperial Japanese Navy swooped over Pearl Harbor 65 years ago and destroyed more than 2,400 American lives, Mas Yamasaki was watching a church basketball game in Sacramento.

He was 12, and he didn't know that he would soon live in a detention camp at Tule Lake - sleeping on an Army-issued mattress, braving the elements...

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Muslim Alienation Risk in Europe

December 18, 2006

Source: BBC News

Muslims' sense of belonging could be eroded by European nations not tackling discrimination, a watchdog has warned.

A report by a European Union-backed anti-racism body says the number of Islamophobic incidents in the 25 member states is probably under-reported.

The report calls on governments to speed up Muslim integration - but says Muslims must also do more to counter stereotypes and fears of...

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New Virginia Program Aims to Dispel Fears of Muslim Community

December 18, 2006

Author: Kristen Gelineau


Wire Service: AP

The small beige signs bearing black Arabic script have been appearing all over town on buses and at colleges.

Are they secret messages from terrorists? one panicked bus rider asked. Should the FBI be contacted? What do they mean??

Actual translation: "Paper...

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Spain's Moorish Past Helps Muslims Feel at Home

December 18, 2006

Author: Victoria Burnett

Source: Financial Times

On a green hillside above the southern city of Granada stands the magnificent Alhambra palace, the last seat of Spain's Muslim rulers and the country's most famous monument to centuries of enlightenment and religious co-existence.

Across the Darro river, perched atop a steep hill stacked with white-washed houses,...

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Non-Muslims Snap up Islamic Accounts

December 17, 2006

Author: Julian Knight

Source: BBC News

Emma Dellaway, 25, from south London, likes to know that the money sitting in her current account is not doing harm.

"I don't have much money, as I am just starting out on my career, but what I do have should not be used unethically," she says.

"I hate to think of arms going to some African country funded, however indirectly, from my account."...

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