Martin Nguyen

Martin Nguyen was a student at Harvard Divinity School when he began his research on institutionalization and practice among Sufi Orders in...

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Fairfield University
Fairfield, CT

Shabana Mir

Shabana Mir was a doctoral candidate at Indiana University when she conducted an interview-based research study on American Muslim women...

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American Islamic College
Chicago, IL

Iza Hussin

Iza Hussin was a student at Georgetown University when she began research for “The Politics of Women’s Worship: Space, Activism and Interfaith Horizons in...

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Cambridge University
Cambridge, UK

Zahra Jamal

Zahra Jamal was a student at Harvard University when she conducted research in the Ismaili community in Houston, Texas. Muslims in America comprise a microcosm... Read more about Zahra Jamal
Rice University
Houston, TX

Omar Haque

Omar Haque was a student at Brown University when he documented the history of Islam in Rhode Island and profiled the evolving and diverse Islamic...

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Harvard University
Cambridge MA