Angela Rudert

Angela Rudert began researching the ways in which women negotiate their own forms of power in Swaminarayan Hinduism while she was a student at Cornell... Read more about Angela Rudert
Colgate University
Hamilton, NY

Michele Verma

Michele Verma began researching Indo-Caribbean Hindu communities in Queens and Hindu educational efforts in New Jersey while she was a student at Columbia...

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Teachers College, Columbia University
New York City, NY

Benjamin Zeller

Benjamin Zeller was a student at North Carolina-Chapel Hill when he conducted this research, mapping the Hindu community in North-Central North Carolina....

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Anisha Gade

Anisha Gade was a student at American University when she researched Telugu Associations in Wisconsin. Her project explored the South Indian (...

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American University
Washington, D.C.

Tonushree Jaggi

Tonushree Jaggi was a student at Harvard College when she began researching Apna Ghar, an organization that addresses domestic violences and reaches out... Read more about Tonushree Jaggi
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA

The Ackland Art Museum

In fall 1997, the Ackland Art Museum of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) began focusing resources on using its multicultural...

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Ackland Art Museum
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
101 S Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Dr. David W. Odell-Scott and Dr. Surinder M. Bhardwaj

Dr. David Odell-Scott and Dr. Surinder Bhardwaj became Pluralism Project affiliates in 1999. Together, Drs. Odell-Scott and Bhardwaj engaged their students in a study of immigrant religious communities in northern Ohio.  Dr. David Odell-Scott is an associate dean at Kent State University and directs the College of Arts and Science's Center for Comparative and Integrated Programs. Dr. Surinder Bhardwaj is professor emeritus in the geography department at Kent State University. Upon Dr. Bhardwaj's retirement, Dr. Odell-Scott was joined in 2013 by Rev. Lauren M. Odell-Scott in the continuation of this project.

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Kent State University
Kent, OH