Asian-Immigrant Students in Brooklyn Feel Targeted Because of Religion and Ethnicity

June 7, 2001

Source: The New York Post

On June 7, 2001, The New York Post reported that "more than 100 Asian-immigrant students at Lafayette HS in Brooklyn signed a petition yesterday, complaining that their school isn't safe - after a Pakistani native was beaten by bullies. The students and the father of the victim say they're being picked on because of their religion and ethnicity."

Students Hold Rally to Protest Taliban's Discrimination Against Hindus

June 7, 2001

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On June 7, 2001, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported on "the Davis Academy students who held a rally last week to protest a Taliban requirement that minority Hindus wear yellow armbands to distinguish them from Muslims." Davis is a Reform Jewish school in Atlanta.

New Jersey Indian Cultural Center Preserves Hindu Traditions

June 5, 2001

Source: The Record

On June 5, 2001, The Record reported on "the challenge that older generations of Indians in the United States often face in conveying to their children and grandchildren the importance of cultural and religious traditions. Hindu Samaj, an Indian cultural and religious organization in [New Jersey], has taken a key step to ensure those traditions are passed on."

Indian Presence in Ohio Growing

June 4, 2001

Source: The Plain Dealer

On June 4, 2001, The Plain Dealer reported on the "influx of Indians into central Ohio and the United States during the 1990s. The Indian population in Franklin County and Columbus grew by more than 150 percent from 1990 to 2000...The growth illustrates how the definition of Asian, once virtually synonymous with Japanese or Chinese, is changing."

Militant Hindus and Jews in New York Unite Against Common Muslim Enemy

June 2, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On June 2, 2001, The New York Times reported that a group of militant Hindus in Queens and Long Island and a group of radical Jews in Brooklyn "have discovered that sharing a distant enemy is sufficient basis for friendship. So tight is their anti-Muslim bond that some of the Hindus marched alongside the Jews in the annual Salute to Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue...Several of the Jews joined a protest outside the United Nations against the treatment of Hindus in Afghanistan by the Taliban regime."

Religious Leaders in New York Protest Taliban's Dress Code for Hindus

June 1, 2001

Source: The Jerusalem Post

On June 1, 2001, The Jerusalem Post reported that "lined up along the Holocaust Memorial Wall across from the United Nations headquarters, Jewish, Christian, and Hindu leaders wore yellow stickers and spoke out in solidarity with Afghan Hindus, who are being forced by the nation's ruling Taliban movement to wear saffron- colored garments...Jewish and Israeli leaders condemned the [Taliban's dress-code] ruling, declaring it reminiscent of the Nazi era and the Holocaust."

Census Reveals Influx of Indian Asians in Washington State

May 28, 2001

Source: The Seattle Times

On May 28, 2001, The Seattle Times reported that "the population of Asian Indians in [Washington] nearly tripled from 8,203 to 23,992 during the 1990s, the largest percentage increase among Asian ethnic groups, newly released census figures show...The settlement of Indians here is largely a suburban phenomenon." Many are drawn by jobs in high-tech. "Sikhs, many of whom are originally from the Punjab region of India, are moving here from other states to be near relatives in British Columbia."

Opening of Hindu Temple in Rockland County, NY, Is Celebrated

May 28, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On May 28, 2001, The New York Times reported that eight priests traveled from India for the opening of the Sri Ranganatha Temple in Rockland County, New York. "The Hindu temple, many in attendance said, is the first in Rockland County, where Asians have increased by 50 percent since 1990, according to the 2000 census...The temple also drew guests from places like Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Massachusetts, who came because Sri Ranganatha is said to be the first temple in the country devoted to Sri Vaishnavaism, a strain of...

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Indian Population Has Doubled in Washington, D.C and in Nation

May 27, 2001

Source: The Washington Post


On May 27, 2001, The Washington Post reported that the 2000 Census found that, "attributable in part to the U.S. high-tech industry's demand for skilled workers, the [Washington, D.C.] region's Indian population has swelled by unexpected proportions, from 38,000 in 1990 to more than 78,000 in 2000, apparently becoming the most populous Asian group in the area...

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Couple Combines Christian and Hindu Ceremonies at Wedding

May 24, 2001

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On May 24, 2001, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that "when Wendy Hulsing of Dickinson, N.D., and Sanjaya Gupta of Chesterfield decided to marry, they wanted a two-ceremony wedding, Christian and Hindu, with all the trimmings, including" a horse for the groom to ride in the traditional Hindu barat. "The barat is the tumultuous, slow parade of the groom and his family to the home of the bride-to-be."

Growth of Indian American Population in Minnesota

May 24, 2001

Source: Star Tribune

On May 24, 2001, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that "in Minnesota, the Asian Indian population has doubled in the last decade from 8,234 to 16,887 people, according to" the 2000 Census. "Nationwide, Indians are the fastest-growing Asian group and are now the third-largest Asian group...Asian Indians number almost 1.7 million...Much of the growth nationally and locally is due to the recruitment of high-tech workers from India."

San Francisco Area Afghans Denounce Taliban's New Policy for Hindus' Dress

May 23, 2001

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle


On May 23, 2001, The San Francisco Chronicle reported that "Afghans in the [San Francisco] Bay Area blasted the Taliban's order yesterday that requires Hindus in Afghanistan to wear identifying marks on their clothes, calling the Islamic group's policy the latest act of intolerance to divide their homeland." The estimated population...

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Minister Bars Rabbi from Giving Baccalaureate Services

May 23, 2001

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On May 23, 2001, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported that 1,000 people came to hear Rabbi Steven Lebow deliver his baccalaureate address to Walton High School's graduating seniors inside the Cobb County Civic Center. "Lebow's speech has been the talk around the lockers and lunchrooms of Walton High for weeks, said...a graduating senior...'I thought it was wonderful,' she said. 'Very appropriate and very well thought out.'"