Farms Provide "Safe Havens" for Cows

June 8, 2003

Source: SFGate.com


On June 8, 2003 SFGate.com reported that nine cows "live on Sastri's Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary, one of a scattered web of safe havens across the country protecting the animals from slaughter... For Indians and followers of Hinduism, cows have a historical and cultural sanctity not easily understood in the West... A...

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Hindu Temple of Wisconsin

June 6, 2003

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


On June 6, 2003 the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that "the public is invited to the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin in City of Pewaukee for phase two of the installation of deities. Idols that represent supreme beings of the Hindu faith will be placed in shrines and infused with divine powers. The schedule is: Friday, 3:30 p.m., procession to altar area; June 14, 3:...

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Interfaith Center of Greater Harrisburg Celebrates Anniversary, Discuss Hinduism

June 2, 2003

Source: The Patriot-News


On June 2, 2003 The Patriot-News reported that "Dr. Mukund Kulkarni smiled when he told his audience of Christians, Baha'is and Islamic believers that Hinduism is a faith without a single founder, specific theological system or single system of morality... There was little...

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5,000 Attend Hindu Temple Consecration in Illinois

June 2, 2003

Source: Suburban Chicago Newspapers


On June 2, 2003 Suburban Chicago Newspapers reported that a "Water that had been blessed was sprinkled from a helicopter onto the estimated 5,000 people from across the nation gathered in Aurora Sunday for the Maha Samprokshanam. It was the final ceremony in the five-day event [was held to renew] the consecration of the Hindu Temple in Aurora......

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Update: Interfaith Habitat for Humanity Project

May 31, 2003

Source: The Toledo Blade


On May 31, 2003 The Toledo Blade reported that "one of the most vivid images to emerge from a MultiFaith Habitat for Humanity project to be dedicated tomorrow was that of an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim woman wearing a head scarf carrying a board together as they cleaned the construction site... Nobody snapped a photograph of the...

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Jivamukti Yoga

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 17 July 2003.

Phone: 800-295-6814
Email: Andrea@jivamuktiyoga.com
Website: http://www.jivamuktiyoga.com
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Update: Utah's New Hindu Temple and Congregation Leader

May 24, 2003

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune


On May 24, 2003 The Salt Lake Tribune reported that "the proper ritual required mango leaves to be offered to the deity, but mangoes don't grow in Utah, so leaves had been specially ordered from Florida. When the auspicious day arrived, the mango leaves didn't... So Pundit Somayaji Shashidhara, the new priest at the Sri Ganesha Temple in South Jordan, simply substituted...

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Interfaith Celebration for Ma Jaya Bhagavati's Birthday

May 20, 2003

Source: Florida Today


On May 20, 2003 Florida Today reported that "a humanitarian award, interfaith peace walk, open house and vegetarian sit-down dinner for 500 are planned at the Kashi Ashram in Roseland on Saturday and Sunday. Most events are open to the community... The weekend will celebrate [Ma Jaya] Bhagavati's birthday with a theme "A Time for Peace." More than 800 people are expected... An...

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Rajdhani Mandir Temple to Include Lord Buddha

May 18, 2003

Source: The Washington Post

On May 18, 2003 The Washington Post reported that "the dozen or so deities at the Rajdhani Mandir, a Hindu temple in Chantilly, draw hundreds of devotees each week who stand or kneel before the various incarnations of God to seek blessings. But this weekend, Hindus found themselves praying alongside newcomers of a different faith... In a three-day ceremony where smoky tendrils of incense swirled and wafted as monks chanted, the temple inaugurated Lord Buddha into the ranks of its deities. In doing so, the Hindu temple became the...

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Dallas Hare Krishnas Hold "Festival of Chariots"

May 17, 2003

Source: Dallas Morning News

On May 17, 2003 the Dallas Morning News reported that "Dallas-area devotees will join Hare Krishnas around the world this month in a 5,000-year-old festival to welcome home Lord Krishna. The Jaganatha Ratha Yatra Parade and Festival will start at 2 p.m. Sunday in Kalachandji Park, next door to the Dallas Hare Krisna Temple... The event also called the Festival of Chariots, is a traditional Indian celebration that recreates Lord Krishna's return to his boyhood home."

Matrix Spawns Discussion From Diverse Faiths

May 15, 2003

Source: Chicago Sun-Times


On May 15, 2003 the Chicago Sun-Times reported that "for four years, fans have watched "The Matrix" over and over, mining each frame for spiritual references. With today's release of the sequel "The Matrix Reloaded," the fervor is getting downright religious. At least a half-dozen books on the spiritual exegesis of "The Matrix" have been published on the blockbuster sci-fi...

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