New York's Unitarian Church to be Site of Buddhist Fire Ritual

November 4, 2000

Source: The New York Times

On November 4, 2000, The New York Times reported that the Unitarian Church of All Souls is the site for the first Agon Shu Buddhist goma, or fire ritual conducted in the United States. The Rev. Seiyu Kiriyama, who founded this Japanese Buddhist association in 1978, said the ceremony is intended to "elevate the mind and the heart of the people in the audience." The Agon Shu Buddhist Association is linked to the agama sutras, four major texts which stress the acquisition of wisdom. Mr. Kiriyama said that the ritual "is a method of...

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Moon Festival Celebrated

November 2, 2000

Source: The Times-Picayune

On November 2, 2000, The Times-Picayune reported that "on the 15th day of the Eighth Moon of the lunar calendar, local Chinese and Vietnamese Americans joined with compatriots around the world in celebrating the Moon Festival. Sponsored, respectively, by the Chinese Association of Greater New Orleans and the Bo De Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association, both communities marked the occasion on Sept. 10 with traditional cuisine, music, dances and martial arts. Cakes in the shape of a full moon, a symbol of family unity, were served...

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Buddhists Unite to End Youth Violence

October 14, 2000

Source: Los Angeles Times

On October 14, 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported that "more than 10,000 Buddhists are expected to gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center today to sign a pledge of personal responsibility to stop the violence that is claiming the lives of young people regionwide. The pledges will be assembled into a giant peace quilt at the event, sponsored by the lay Buddhist association, Soka Gakkai International-United States. The peace campaign, Victory Over Violence, has featured festivals, school outreach programs and meetings...

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Buddhist Funeral Ceremony

October 9, 2000

Source: St. Petersburg Times

On October 9, 2000, the St. Petersburg Times published an article entitled, "A few coins for the journey." It explains that, "in a Buddhist funeral ceremony, the family of 15-year-old Anh Loan Lysends her to the next life with a box of clothing, some rice and their love."

A Buddhist in a Presbyterian World

September 30, 2000

Source: Los Angeles Times

On September 30, 2000, the Los Angeles Times told the story of Ai Tasedan. She has "attended services at St. Mark Presbyterian Church faithfully for the past 25 years. She got married there. She goes on church-sponsored mission trips and volunteers wherever needed." And, surprising to some, she is a Buddhist. "It's an ecumenical twist that doesn't bother the liberal Newport Beach congregation very much, if at all. St. Mark's elders decided in 1975 to help rescue Tasedan and her family, Vietnamese refugees who were in living in a...

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Stupa Being Built in Colorado

September 11, 2000

Source: The Denver Rocky Mountain News

On September 11, 2000, The Denver Rocky Mountain News published an article about Bob King, a Buddhist and a general contractor, who has found his dream job. King is the project manager in the building of a stupa near the Wyoming state line. "To build a stupa - a Buddhist monument representing the enlightened mind - is an act of devotion, worthy to be called one's life work. 'Fortunately,' says King, with a laugh, 'when we started we didn't know how long it would last. We were so naive; we thought we could build it in...

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New Temple to Open in Seattle

August 29, 2000

Source: The Seattle Times

On August 29, 2000, The Seattle Times published an article entitled, "Vietnamese to Open New Buddhist Temple." Read it here.

Monastery Under Construction

August 27, 2000

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

On August 27, 2000, The San Diego Union-Tribune published an article entitled, "Monastery Taking Shape in Deer Park."