First Unitarian Universalist Church in Louisiana

April 10, 2003

Source: The Times-Picayune

On April 10, 2003 The Times-Picayune reported that "members of First Unitarian Universalist Church are celebrating their congregation's 170th year in New Orleans as a small bastion of spiritual liberalism embedded in conservative New Orleans... Continuing a recent tradition, members of the congregation of 100 or so ended a regular Sunday service March 23 by laying a wreath on the grave of the Rev. Theodore Clapp, a robust, colorful figure who in 1833 founded what would become First Unitarian Universalist after being expelled as a...

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Prayer Flags Removed by City Officers

April 9, 2003

Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin


On April 9, 2003 the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported that "city code enforcement officers forced a store owner to remove prayer flags with words of peace from in front of her business because they violated city code regulating business signs... The owners of Kindred Spirits... were forced to take down prayer flags that hung outside their...

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The Vairocana Buddhist Monastery in Mount Pocono, PA

April 9, 2003

Source: Pocono Record

On April 9, 2003 the Pocono Record reported that "The [Vairocana Monastery], a few miles east of Mount Pocono [PA] on Route 940, is run by Venerable Ta-Yu, a Buddhist nun from Taiwan. Since 2000, she's been teaching the fundamentals of Mahayana Buddhism through lectures, meditation, chanting and overnight retreats where speach is forsaken in favor of silence and contemplation."

South Asians Unite at Forum in Pennsylvania

April 8, 2003

Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian


On April 8, 2003 The Daily Pennsylvanian reported on "a forum -- the first of its kind -- entitled "Bridging the South Asian Gap: Breaking Down the Stereotypes." The event aimed to confront the misperception of uniformity among South Asians while at the same time uniting the various communities... It was in light of their differences...

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Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Dechen Speaks in Oregon

March 30, 2003

Source: Statesman Journal


On March 30, 2003 Statesman Journal reported that "forty people sought solace Saturday at Loucks Lecture Hall where they gathered to listen to Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Dechen. That’s twice as many who turned out two weeks ago � before the Iraq war started � to hear Dechen speak... Dechen, who lives at the Mahasiddha Buddhist Center in Portland, didn’t speak specifically about...

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Peace Advocate Michiko Pumpian

March 30, 2003

Source: Los Angeles Times


On March 30, 2003 the Los Angeles Times reported that "in the mind of peace advocate Michiko Pumpian, the crane is mightier than the sword -- and, for that matter, more persuasive than protest marches... The tall, graceful bird is a symbol of peace in her native Japan, and the 48-...

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Zen Buddhists Meet in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Ohio

March 29, 2003

Source: Repository


On March 29, 2003 the Repository reported that "at the biweekly Zen Buddhist meeting in the basement of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, eight people sit cross-legged on mats to meditate. Each person is lost in the world of his or her thoughts. Any sound — a rustle, a footstep, a shift in weight, a passing car — cuts through the room like a round of artillery... 'We’re trying to develop a mind where the Ohio...

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Flint Seder Draws Interfaith Crowd

March 29, 2003

Source: The Flint Journal


On March 29, 2003 The Flint Journal reported that "more than 80 adults and children shared food, drink and information Tuesday at Congregation Beth Israel as they joined in an interfaith seder, the feast commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt... The seder drew...

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Lehigh Valley's First Zen Center

March 29, 2003

Source: The Morning Call


On March 29, 2003 The Morning Call reported that "the Lehigh Valley's first Zen meditation center will open with a formal dedication ceremony at 2 p.m. today at Unity of Lehigh Valley in Emmaus... Guest speaker will be Kobutsu Shindo Malone of Ramsey, N.J., an American Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk, death row chaplain, and advocate of human rights for prisoners... The monk's visit to Emmaus...

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Religious Groups Speak Out Against War with Iraq: Mar. 2003

March 27, 2003

Source: Near and Far Digest


On March 27, 2003 the Near and Far Digest reported that "spiritual leaders serving the Japanese American community of varying faiths came together for the first time to denounce a unilateral U.S.-led war on Iraq at a press conference held on March 5 at the Christ United Presbyterian Church in...

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Interfaith Maine Pleas Against Backlash

March 25, 2003

Source: WMTV

On March 25, 2003 WMTV reported that "religion and the law are sometimes seen as contending powers in a society. But today, we found special members of those communities who are serving as pillars - striving to uphold diversity in Maine... 'Our pledge is that any violence against any of our religious committees who are members of Interfaith Maine will be considered violence against all of us,' says Abraham Peck, of Interfaith Maine... a group that brings different religions together -- from Christianity and Judaism, to Bahai and Buddhism, and...

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Interfaith Prayer Service in Chicago

March 24, 2003

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

On March 24, 2003 the Chicago Sun-Times reported that "the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago will hold an interfaith prayer service for peace... at St. James Episcopal Cathedral, Wabash and Huron... The council includes bishops and leaders of diverse religious groups, including Cardinal Francis George, archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago; bishops of the Episcopal and United Methodist churches; various Protestant, Eastern and Orthodox Christian leaders; the head of the Chicago Board of Rabbis;...

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"New York Spirit" to Document Prayer

March 24, 2003

Source: Daily News

On March 24, 2003 the Daily News reported that "whether Christian, Jew, Buddhist, animist, Muslim or a practitioner of any other faith, Muriel Stockdale believes we're more alike than different... Though we may be divided by what we believe, we're united in our devotions to those beliefs, Stockdale said... That's why Stockdale, 50, has joined fellow filmmakers Manech Ibar and Casey Meade Rothstein-Fitzpatrick, both 27, to create 'New York Spirit,' a documentary of how we pray."