State Little Help with Bible Classes

December 22, 2006

Author: Bridget Gutierrez

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Georgia public high schools may offer classes on the Bible next fall, but they'll get few guidelines from the state on how to ensure their lessons do not promote religion.

A new law requires the State Board of Education to create two optional, non-devotional classes on the...

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Rebuilding Buddhas a Symbol in Rebuilding Afghanistan

December 17, 2006

Author: Peter Schurmann

Source: New America Media


Editor’s Note: The rebuilding of two colossal Buddhas in Afghanistan’s Pamir Valley destroyed by the Taliban is a symbolic first step in piecing back the country’s shattered past and looking toward a better future, writes commentator Peter...

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Meditation Classes Help Tihar Inmates

December 15, 2006

Source: Daily India/Indo Asian News Service


New Delhi-- After a troubled past, inmates of Tihar Jail here have decided to reform themselves as well as change other jailbirds' lives through Vipassana, Buddhist way of meditation.

'We have around 500 inmates going through 10 different meditation courses of Vipassana in the jail,' said Sunil Gupta, law officer...

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Hundreds View Relics of Buddha

December 8, 2006


Source: Jacksonville Times-Union


While thousands of Wake Forest and Georgia Tech faithful watched their teams play at Alltel Stadium on Saturday, the spiritually curious joined hundreds of Buddhists from the region at a Buddhist temple to view, venerate and be blessed by relics of Gautama Buddha.

That's the historical Buddha, whose...

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After Buddhist Dies, Legal Battle Continues

December 3, 2006

Author: Megan Tench

Source: The Boston Globe


The family of 72-year-old Cho Fook Cheng of Brookline knew there was no chance that he would ever wake up again.

Last week, doctors declared Cheng, a grandfather of seven who suffered cardiac arrest the day after Thanksgiving, brain-...

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Southern Buddhists Pray for Peace

November 30, 2006

Source: Bangkock Post


More than 1,000 Thai Buddhists in southern provinces today joined in a mass merit-making ceremony held to boost the morale of local Buddhist monks and people in the country's far South affected by the growing insurgency and to pray for the restoration of peace in the region.

Some 500 Buddhist monks from 266 temples in Songkhla, Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat were...

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Cambodian Monks Get the Vote

November 29, 2006

Source: The Buddhist Channel


Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Cambodian Buddhist monks have the right to vote in upcoming commune and national elections, acting head of state Chea Sim told a Buddhist congress in the capital Wednesday. His statement threatens to reignite a public debate which flared before the 2003 general elections when Supreme Patriarch of Cambodian Buddhists and leader of the Mahanikaya Buddhist sect...

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Pho Da Temple

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 27 November 2006.

Phone: 901-266-0935

Buddhism's Growth may Surprise Some

November 26, 2006

Author: Steve Grant

Source: KY3-News


Next year, the Dalai Lama will receive this nation's highest civilian honor, the Congressional Gold Medal. If that seems odd, you might not know that Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the United States. Some say the Tibetan leader's charisma, and Buddhism’s eastern ethics and practical psychology are driving its growth, even in the Ozarks.

Colored and consecrated...

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