A Growing Buddhist Population Tests the Neighborliness of a City

April 21, 2007

Author: Christopher Maag

Source: The New York Times


FORT WAYNE, Ind. — The newest Buddhist temple here is a vinyl-sided house on the edge of the prairie. Worship services are so popular that people who arrive late must squeeze into the two-car garage, kneel on the concrete floor and pray between a golden statue of a smiling Buddha and a black Craftsman riding lawnmower.


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Buddhists Celebrate New Year

April 18, 2007

Source: Star News Group


GREATER Dandenong’s Thai, Cambodian, Laos, Burmese and Sri Lankan communities celebrated the Songkran, the Buddhist new year this week.

The three-day celebration fell on 14,15 and 16 April and was marked at temples around Greater Dandenong.

Greater Dandenong mayor Youhorn Chea, who was born in Cambodia, said it was a festive time for the communities. “The tradition has long been...

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Thousands Celebrate Buddha's Birth

April 16, 2007


Source: Orange County Register


ANAHEIM – Inside a second-story classroom at the Orange County Buddhist Church on Sunday, Kyuka Kanesaka, 60, worked quietly next to her son, Gankyo Nakamuri, 26, making small dogs out of willow tree wood.

The room full of Kimekoni figurines, ranging from the one-inch pups to 18-inch boys and...

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Buddhist Shrine Brings a Bit of Cambodia to Area

April 16, 2007

Author: Kristen Holland

Source: The Dallas Morning News


A member of Cambodia's royal family has spent more than a year painstakingly creating a three-story replica of a mausoleum at Angkor Wat, a temple complex northwest of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

And he's been...

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Monks to Lead Mass Political Rally

April 16, 2007

Source: The Buddhist Channel


Bangkok, Thailand -- Hundreds of monks are expected to lead Buddhist disciples to march to Parliament on Monday to insist on a clause in the new Constitution declaring Buddhism as the national religion for the first time in history.

The monks will come from 500 temples in Bangkok and several other provinces. They will be joined by Buddhist lay people from across the...

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Watsonville Celebration, Flower Festival Bring Generations Together

April 16, 2007


Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel


WATSONVILLE — The Watsonville Buddhist Temple opened its doors Sunday to celebrate spring with food, demonstrations and a display of history. Known as Hanamatsuri, the event also commemorates the birth of Buddha, which falls on April 8.

The temple's minister, the Rev....

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Everyone Enjoyed the Thai New Year

April 14, 2007

Source: The Guardian


GLORIOUS sunshine soaked Thai New Year celebrations at Wanstead Flats on Sunday.

The Wat Buddharam Thai Buddhist event brought the community together to enjoy traditional festivities and raise £16,485 for their new religious centre which was destroyed in a fire last month.


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Buddhist Monk Says Meditation Helps Ease Rush of Life, Cultivates 'True Happiness'

April 13, 2007


Source: Houston Chronicle


Tuklu Thondup's serene life in a secluded Tibetan monastery ended when he was 18.

It was 1958 and China had invaded Tibet. Thondup and his fellow monks crossed 1,000 miles of mountains and rugged country to reach India — a grueling trip that caused the death of his beloved teacher.

"He was like my...

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Watt Khemararam

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Phone: 425-741-3845
Email: wattkhemararam@yahoo.com
Website: http://wattkhemararam.org/
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Venerable Yang and the Bright Light

April 10, 2007

Author: Babita Persaud

Source: Orlando Sentinel


Chueh Yang arrived in Orlando in 2001, her two suitcases packed with Buddhist prayer books, robes and a rice bowl.

When her monastery called her home to Taiwan just a few weeks ago, she went as she came, suitcases in tow.

Yang left behind a new temple and a congregation with a new youth group who hold...

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Push to Include Buddhism in New Constitution

April 10, 2007

Source: Radio Australia


Thailand is in the middle of drafting a new constitution. Many lobby groups have been voicing their opinions since the drafting process began last September. But one of the most controversial lobbyists is the Thai Buddhist clergy, who are again calling for the religion to be part of the new constitution.

HILL: Buddhism's influence on Thai culture is obvious to even a...

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Tsering Gyaltsen: An Inside Job

April 9, 2007

Author: Carol Reeves

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Corvallis Gazette-Times


Corvallis, OR (USA) -- Tsering Gyaltsen has come a long way to settle in Corvallis as the teacher of a small but devoted group of students interested in learning the ancient practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

Born in western Tibet in 1945, Gyaltsen went into exile to India with his family at the age of 16....

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Hanamatsuri Brings Island Buddhists Together

April 9, 2007

Author: Dennis Fujimoto

Source: The Buddhist Channel/The Garden


Kaua'i, Hawaii (USA) -- For youngsters, the pouring of the sweet tea over the figure of the Buddha was the highlight Sunday, when more than 300 Buddhists from around the island celebrated Hanamatsuri.

“It’s not very often that Hanamatsuri and Easter fall on the same day,” said Brian Yamamoto of...

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