Sarina Pasricha

Sarina Pasricha

While a student at Harvard College Sarina Pasricha documented the momentous inauguration of the first Hindu Temple in Delaware. She documented how the Hindu community in Delaware, a community of which she was a member, organized building the Temple, negotiated the diverse Hinduisms of the Indian-Americans living in Delaware, and developed relationships with the Temple's new non-Hindu neighbors. The inauguration ceremonies took place over six days in May 2002, and Pasricha's research provided both description and explanation of the key rituals of the ceremonies. She also studied how the Hindu Temple of Delaware, through social interactions, generates "social capital" such as networks, trust, and understanding. In this aspect of her research, Pasricha also addressed the impact of the September 11 attacks on the activities and role of the Hindu Temple of Delaware. Her work included descriptive and informative essays, detailed slide shows of her photographs, and interviews with a variety of members from the community.

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