Samsul Maarif and Ahmad Muttaqin

Samsul Maarif and Ahmad Muttaqin

Samsul Maarif and Ahmad Muttaqin, graduate students in Religious Studies at Florida International University, researched mosques and Muslim study centers in South Florida and wrote profiles for each. Dr. Christin E. Gudorf was the faculty sponsor for this research. This research expanded the Pluralism Project's limited coverage of Islam in Florida. Both researchers were undergraduate religion majors at Muslim universities in Indonesia, as well as graduates of MA programs in religion, also in Indonesia, where they conducted ethnographic research with tribal populations, the Ammatoa and the Dayak, respectively.


In addition to creating center profiles, the researchers planned to utilize the survey interviews conducted at each mosque/study center to provide the basis for a paper describing the interreligious activities of each mosque/center, and any changes in activities and/or attitudes of members or institution since 9/11.

Samsul is currently a lecturer at the center for religion and cross-cultural studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia.

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