Pravin K. Shah

Pravin K. Shah

Mr. Pravin K. Shah is an author and educator who is active member of the Jain community in the United States. He is currently the chairperson of the JAINA Education Committee (Jain Study Center of NC) and has worked with the Pluralism Project since the mid-1990s, specifically on the development of the Jainism section of On Common Ground: World Religions in America.

Mr. Shah has been instrumental in the formation of several educational resources about Jainism, including the JAINA Education and Literature CD and the JAIN eLibrary. The JAINA Education and Literature CD contains over 2,000 files, which consist of more than 10,000 pages. The CD was formally launched during Paryushana Parva (Mahvir Janma Vchan Day) in September 2002 at the Jain Society of Northern California (San Francisco). The Jain eLibrary is an online collection of scriptures, manuscripts, encyclopedia entries, magazines, and digitized books.


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