Former Student Affiliates

Michael Allen

In 2004, Michael Allen, a student at Harvard Divinity School, produced a web resource on Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Syriac, and Indian Churches in America. The goal of this project was to bring about a greater awareness of the presence of these churches in the United States. His research consisted of two parts:  First, he provided an introduction to the six churches, including sections on history, language and culture, iconography, music, and the establishment and growth of the churches in America. The web-based version of this introduction was accompanied by photographs, icons, and links to samples of music. Second, Allen profiled five Oriental Orthodox churches from the greater Atlanta area, based on fieldwork conducted in summer 2004. The web version of this project is now archived as a .pdf (link below). Dr. Diana Eck served as the faculty sponsor for this research.

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University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

PJ Andrews

Research Associate, Academic Year 2009-2010

Kristen Arn

Research Associate, Academic Year 2010-2011

Eric Barbee



Eric Barbee's 2001 research on the religious diversity of Arkansas was undertaken while he was a student at Harvard Divinity School. This research was situated within the geographic, economic, and social diversity of the state of Arkansas itself. Focusing on the eastern and northwestern regions, Barbee's work investigated both the urban contexts of Little Rock and Fayetteville as well as rural areas. This distinction is especially important in a state where almost half the population lives outside of urban centers. Barbee's work also attends to the relation between religious minorities and the dominant conservative Christianity of the "Bible Belt." 


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Harvard Divinity School
Cambridge, MA