Grove Harris

Grove Harris

Grove Harris served as the Managing Director for the Pluralism Project through January, 2007. She began working with the Pluralism Project in 1994, first as a researcher, then as project manager, then as managing director. Her research and writing is included in the Paganism section of the CD-ROM On Common Ground: World Religions in America. She has also contributed to publications such as Reclaiming Quarterly and Park Ridge Center Newsletter and a chapter on Wicca and Healing, "Healing in Feminist Wicca," for Religion and Healing in America (Oxford University Press, 2005). Her chapter "Youth and the Pluralism Project" is included in Building the Interfaith Youth Movement: Beyond Dialogue to Action, edited by Eboo Patel and Patrice Brodeur (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc., 2006).

During her time at the Pluralism Project, Harris directed the extensive growth, communications, and research of the Pluralism Project and developed the network of affiliate researchers while continuing her own research, writing, and presentations. She compiled statistics on religious traditions in the U.S., and generated maps from the growing directory. She wrote on Religious Diversity in the Workplace, and added atheism to the Project's research. Grove Harris served on the board of the Faith Quilts Project, was lead quilter for the Wiccan Maidens’ Sacred Space quilt, and directed the Pluralism Project’s documentation of The Faith Quilts Project in 2006.

From 2003–2006, she directed the Project's research on the interfaith movement in the United States, supervising student researchers Lori Calmbacher, Emily Ronald, and Tracy Wells, which culminated in nearly 600 interfaith listings in the directory, over 70 center profiles, and over 20 research reports. Harris’ work on civic issues has included supervising research on America’s National Day of Prayer as well as research and writing on legal cases involving civic invocations. She wrote many of the essays on Paganism originally published in the first edition of the CD-ROM On Common Ground: World Religions in America and her research on Paganism contributed to the resources by tradition section of the Pluralism Project’s website. Grove Harris’ ongoing research interests include religious diversity in the United States, the interfaith movement, and religious freedom.

She speaks regularly on religious diversity and has presented at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Union Theological Seminary, the University of Massachusetts, Boston College, U.S. Department of State international visitors meetings, and conferences including regional meetings of the American Academy of Religion, as well as international presentations in South Africa, Germany, El Salvador, Spain, and Canada. Harris particularly enjoys speaking to young adult audiences and has addressed groups at the Global Youth Leadership Institute, City Year Boston, and schools such as Brown Middle School in Newton, MA and Middlesex High School in Concord, MA. She has taught courses on World Religions in Boston at the University of Massachusetts/Boston, as well as teaching at adult religious retreats, and leading a Maidens' group for girls ages 13-16. She has led consensus training workshops in Germany and England. Her community activism has served causes including peace activism, urban open space, economic development for women, welfare rights, and religious freedom.

Harris earned her B.A. in Women's Studies, Business, and Religion from the University of Massachusetts (1992) and Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School (1996) that incorporated studies of organizational development and business management into the study of religion and ethics. She is an initiated Wiccan Priestess, and leads public rituals for groups ranging in size from 20 to 300. She has served as the Wiccan Chaplain at MCI-Framingham and as a Peace Commissioner for the City of Cambridge.

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