Beverley McGuire (Foulks)

Beverley McGuire (Foulks)


Beverly McGuire (Foulks) was a student at Harvard Divinity School when she researched the interfaith landscape of San Diego in a post-September 11 America. Her work included some general mapping of both specific religious centers as well as interfaith organizations and their activities. McGuire employed her background in the study of Buddhism to explore some of the various Buddhist centers in the area.

McGuire's research in San Diego was threefold. She first updated the list of religious centers in San Diego for the Pluralism Project Directory. Altogether she visited thirty sites. She also identified additional Buddhist, Muslim, and Bahá’í centers to include in the directory. Second, she profiled two Buddhist temples associated with the Taiwanese Buddhist organization of Fo Guang Shan: Hsi Lai Temple (Los Angeles) and Hsi Fang Temple (San Diego). Thirdly, she did research on inter-religious activity in San Diego following September 11. This included an interview with Rosemary Johnston, the program director of the Interfaith Shelter Network, the coordinator for the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant's Rights, and the recipient of the "Peacemaker Award" from the San Diego Mediation Center for her work organizing forums for public education and dialogue after September 11, 2001.

As of 2019, Dr. McGuire is Associate Professor of East Asian Religions at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington. 


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